Let’s face it. There are few tasks that bring on the exaggerated groan that the thought of moving brings out in most people. The idea of having to place all of your belongings into boxes, load all of those boxes, furniture items, appliances and more into trucks and then unloading them across town is a thought that makes most people cringe. However, it's an idea that actually gets us up and moving in the morning. Hi. We're Montgomery Moving Co. We have been helping people move their belongings from one place to another for over a decade now. Are we crazy? No. The truth is, we just love moving.
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And there is nothing we can't move. As a matter of fact, we love a good challenge. We have experience moving everything from pianos to 7' tall stone statues and everything in between. There is no job
too big or too small for Montgomery Moving Co! So, if you are facing a tough move, we would love to help you. We have the resources and experience we need to help you take the worry out of moving. And, of course, our services are quite affordable. Interested in learning more about the services you can findat Montgomery Moving Co? Visit www.montgomerymovingco.com today!
Paäge et Cie specializes in providing customized financial, organizational, managerial and family office services that simplify your life and give you peace of mind.
For many hearing aid wearers, music is something that needs to be enjoyed through speakers. It’s saved for car rides or parties, or times when they can play it aloud. Headphones may be uncomfortable or unpleasant, and they may prefer to listen through speakers. This limits their experiences, and makes it difficult for them to enjoy music privately.

With Bluetooth capability, your hearing aids connect wirelessly to your iPhone. This means you can stream music directly to your hearing aids with no hassle or extra devices. Your hearing aids become headphones, so you can listen easily while on-
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To turn your iPhone into a streamphone, you need data or Wi-Fi. Streaming is different than listening to downloaded tracks. It requires a constant connection, and allows you to listen to music that you haven’t purchased or downloaded.

Once you’ve downloaded Spotify, you can make an account and begin listening and creating playlists. Collect music from your favorite artists, try out new albums before buying, and experiment with music that you’ve never heard before. Your hearing experience shouldn’t be limited by headphones and other wires.
Power BAR Women's Fitness is a Local Dallas and Fort Worth Pole Dance company offering lessons in Pole Dancing for fitness, twerk, chair dance, flexibility classes, and private pole dance party options. With multiple locations in the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas area we are a women's gym within the community servicing those who are looking for a fun way to work out. Our exercise program is low impact, perfect for all levels of fitness, the lessons are very progressive, and our coaches are patient and fun. Within our dance studios you will find community and friendly accountability as the studen
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ts help each other to reach their fitness goals. We also offer nutritional support through out IDLIFE program of healthy supplements that can be purchased separately.

Our classes are offered weekday evenings and weekend mornings. After the regular fitness programs are over, we turn in our gym towel for some girl's night out fun! We serve the Dallas nightlife scene with our private pole dancing parties, party bus rental, and fitness events. These events are often reserved for Dallas Bachelorettes and Birthday parties, however we will party for any reason and all celebrations are welcomed! We can be found on Instagram, Facebook, You Tube, Google, and Pint rest for more social behavior and up to date photos and videos.
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